Volunteer Spotlight: Kendall Syverson

Apr 11, 2023

April is National Volunteer Month and we are so excited to highlight our fantastic volunteers and thank them for their efforts all year long. Today we are shining the spotlight on Kendall Syverson, a volunteer at The Salvation Army of La Crosse County for over four years. Learn more about Kendall's experience volunteering below!

Why did you decide to volunteer with the salvation army?

I had started volunteering all over the community with other programs, but I needed something more for myself for personal purpose. The Salvation Army gave me that purpose. With an array of different and wonderful programs that not only serve individuals, but also the community as a whole. I was able to tap into the way God wanted me to live my life through volunteering.

What events and programs have you volunteered for within the salvation army?

I have served lunches, helped move furniture for renovations to living quarters, taken down Christmas lights from the Rotary Lights, picked up Christmas kettle bells for counting, spent a couple summers delivering meals for the children's program, drove community members back and forth to an expo at the La Crosse Center, and participated in numerous food drives.

What is your favorite part about volunteering with the salvation army?

The people are my favorite part of volunteering for The Salvation Army. Whether it's the wonderful people in my community that I'm helping, the workers at The Salvation Army, or the volunteers that I am so graciously able to meet and work with. These are the true blessings!

What has been your favorite experience while volunteering with the salvation army?

I don't have one set favorite experience with volunteering with The Salvation Army. Every experience is new and rewarding in its own way. When you talk about pros and cons of anything in life, The Salvation Army, in my eyes, has nothing but pros.

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