Volunteer Spotlight: Hayley Moore

Apr 5, 2023

April is National Volunteer Month and we are so excited to highlight our fantastic volunteers and thank them for their efforts all year long. Today we are highlighting Hayley Moore, a volunteer at The Salvation Army of La Crosse County since the fall of 2022. Learn more about Hayley's experience volunteering below!

Why did you decide to volunteer with the salvation army?

I decided to volunteer with The Salvation Army because I wanted to branch out in my new community when I started my first semester at UWL. I always participate in miscellaneous needs in the community, but I made it a goal to become a part of organizations. I resonate with the goal of The Salvation Army and the volunteer opportunities are always extra special. 

What events and programs have you volunteered for within the salvation army?

I have volunteered at the thrift store, Angel Tree, food distribution, Coats for Kids, and been a bell ringer. I also attended the volunteer appreciation event!

What is your favorite part about volunteering with the salvation army?

My favorite part of volunteering with The Salvation Army is the people by my side and the impact I am making in my community. I recently attended the volunteer appreciation event, and it was great to see a room full of ambitious volunteers just like me. I also enjoy seeing the impact I am making firsthand at each event I volunteer at.

What has been your favorite experience while volunteering with the salvation army?

My favorite experience volunteering with The Salvation Army was my first time at food distribution. I didn't know what to expect going into it and I also didn't know it was going to be outside. My fellow volunteers were eager to help me learn the way and also offered me gloves! Once I got my position, we all worked together as a team to make the distribution process as efficient and effective as possible. I now never go into a volunteer event nervous because I know there will be others to help me along the way.

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