People Experiencing Homelessness are Seeking Reprieve from Severe Weather in The Salvation

Jan 31, 2019


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People Experiencing Homelessness are Seeking Reprieve from Severe Weather in The Salvation Army Shelter
The Salvation Army of Dane County works in conjunction with other service organizations to provide 24/7 relief from extreme temperatures.

MADISON, WI – January 30, 2019
The Salvation Army operates Dane County’s only Emergency Family Shelter and Emergency Women’s Shelter. If an individual or family cannot get to the shelter, there is no other place for them to go. Dedicated staff work wholeheartedly to do the best they can with what they have. The need for homeless services keeps increasing, though the building stays the same size. On cold weather nights, the shelters do not turn any women or families away. With these extreme temperatures, the shelters are over-capacity, however the doors remain open every night of the year. 

This past weekend, the women’s shelter capacity was exceeded to fit 60 women; the family shelter housed 22 families, including 50 children. 

The building is an overnight shelter where individuals and families come in at 4pm and leave at 8am as there are no shelter staff working during the day. The Beacon, the day homeless resource center across the street, is open when the shelter is not for an option during the day for help obtaining housing. The Salvation Army works with The Beacon with overlapping hours to ensure clients always have a place to go.

The extreme temperatures this week have added stress to the people served by The Salvation Army. In response, the shelter’s hours have been extended, now opening at 3pm. Clients are safely and securely transported to The Beacon in a van to keep them from the cold. 

The Salvation Army serves vulnerable populations, including those fleeing from violence and dangerous situations to those at risk of exposure. Though staff are very transparent in the work they do, they are mindful and respect the confidentiality of those they serve. Just because someone is experiencing homelessness does not mean they lose their right to privacy. 

For those with further questions or concerns, The Salvation Army of Dane County invites you to call for a guided, day-time tour of the building. See exactly what they do and how great the need is in Dane County. If you are unsure of Salvation Army policies and procedures, please ask. Misinformation deters people who need and rely on the services provided from coming here.  

The need is great, but The Salvation Army is confident that with the help of sister organizations and the compassion of the public, they can continue to meet this need as long as it exists in Dane County. Thank you for your support.

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