Behind the Shield: Kellie Sigh, The Salvation Army of Milwaukee Co. Advisory Board Member

Oct 17, 2018

Kellie has been involved with The Salvation Army for about 7 years starting as a volunteer and eventually became an Advisory Board Member. She started volunteering at the Christmas Family Feast with her family when her kids were in high school. Kellie has served on the Advisory Board for a year now and is also a part of the Membership Development Committee. She works for Milwaukee Public Schools as the Director of Strategic Partnerships & Customer Service. You may have recently seen her on our Back to School telethon in partnership with MPS and WISN 12 News.

Q. How did you first learn about The Salvation Army?
A. I think everyone knows about The Salvation Army due to the red kettles that appear all about town as the holiday seasons approach.  Then when I learned that a colleague had begun to work with SA, I became even more interested in learning more about the organization and of course, now serving on the board I am especially proud to be connected to SA because of the care, commitment, and compassion that is shown to Milwaukee residents through The Salvation Army.

Q. What has been your favorite experience at The Salvation Army?
A. Definitely serving at Christmas Family Feast with my entire family.  As I mentioned the first time that we served, I announced to the kids and my husband that we would be spending Christmas morning serving meals to people downtown.  Naturally, the kids thought that I was “trippin’” because it was Christmas!  We ended up being blessed in ways that left an indelible mark on everyone’s heart.  We saw people that we knew also serving and ended up staying two hours longer than our scheduled shift.  Following that first time serving, the kids would then come to meet and ask if we were going to again serve at the Christmas Family Feast downtown.

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