Celebrate Women's History Month with Lieutenant Jessica Turner

Mar 9, 2020

Lieutenant Jessica Turner is currently an officer with The Salvation Army of Green Bay. This is her first appointment as an officer, but she has been an officer for three years.

Lt. Turner heard her calling to become an officer when she was at a prayer time for other cadets (someone in training to become an officer) who were assigned to the Corps she attended in Waukegan, Illinois. When she heard one of the cadets give their testimony, her calling was confirmed.

When we asked her what her favorite thing about preaching was, “It allows me to fully rely on Christ each time, because on my own I have no wisdom or knowledge and I also am terrified of speaking in front of others. People say they can’t tell and that I look natural so it’s confirmation to me that the Lord is taking over.”

Lt. Turner believes it is such a blessing to become an officer with The Salvation Army. She said she had many wonderful opportunities to spread the gospel and share God’s love with others.

When it comes to The Salvation Army, Lt. Turner wants the world to know we are more than a thrift store. We do what we do because we love Jesus and want to share that love with the world.

If there were three words she could choose to describe the organization it would be passionate, selfless, and God-fearing.

Each week, during March, we want to share the women who help spread the word of our Savior and help those during their darkest times. Look for more stories featuring our female officers coming next week!

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